Welcome + Intention-Setting


Hi world!

Yes, I understand that most blog templates pre-make your first sample post to begin with Hi world! but I, Shira, actually and truly mean it. I am saying hi to the world because this blog will document how I interact with it. All of it. In this week alone, I moved home to New York City from Connecticut. Tomorrow I fly out to Chicago on a whim. And on Sunday I leave to Rome, Florence, and Venice. So yes, I actually mean Hi world! and world, please say hi back.

On another note, welcome, welcome to this blog, a space for growing up nourished by an oft-confusing yoga-filled path. On Sunday, I graduated from college. Click on the link to find out more about that bittersweet experience; what is important for all readers of this blog to know is that throughout college, I blogged on the Tumblr Story of a College Yogi. That story ended four days ago, but this story – a story of growing up without the comforts of a campus is just beginning. Let’s grow up yogi together.

Here are my intentions for this new blog (and what you can expect):

  • I intend to write personal reflections (in yoga we call this svadhyaya, self-study) posts that document just how I am growing up as a college yogi.
  • I intend to provide a yogi’s guide to various cities, which chronicle yoga studios I attend classes I take, cafes I frequent, and various other elements of urban life that are important to a yogi’s day-to-day!
  • I intend to publish opinion pieces so that this blog can be a space where I and others may reflect on the current “yoga world” and how it can interact with the greater World.
  • I intend to publish guest posts and cross-blog posts that I write for other blogs and forums as well.
  • I intend to post playlists for the classes I teach, dharma talks, and general resources.
  • I intend to write about and chronicle the teacher trainings and workshops I take so that in some way, you all can take them as well via my take-aways.
  • I intend to post about organizations that do amazing work off the mat and embody the true essence of Yoga.

There is more to come, but for now, welcome and I am thrilled to explore this new forum!


Image via JewishYogaNetwork.org

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