On the Thrill of Summer and My First-Ever Teaching Schedule in NYC!

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writing from a water taxi en route to the venice airport

I love summer. This is because I have bad both the best of times during the summer (practically incomparable and completely set aside from life the rest of the year – making all else seem mundane) and the worst of times (but the best of times have been so fantastic that they overcompensate for the worst of times in a way that redeems the entire season). I used to leave it up to chance: every other year is Great Summer; every other year is Sad Summer. But when I leave it up to chance like that, I lose my own opportunity to – to use a total cliche – take life by the reins and gallop (okay, I made that last one up, recalling my first of very few horseback riding lessons from ten summers ago). I had a great summer last summer: exhilarating, fulfilling, joyful, content. And this summer I will too! Opportunities already abound and I’m in New York this summer…maybe for the last summer in a while. I already went to Italy and have so much to look forward to.

One of these things is (drumroll please) A TEACHING SCHEDULE. Why is having a teaching schedule vital to my summer happiness and fulfillment, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

For the past 3 years, I have found boundless joy, energy, and satisfaction in teaching yoga at school. Confined to a college campus, I had a fixed community in which I could be of service through helping people move their bodies, release tension, and connect to cOMmunity. The last class I taught at school ended up teaching me two things:
1. Teaching gives me so much joy and being able to test tube this passion of mine in a college environment with such a thriving social component has made my first three years of teaching yoga deeply personal and enriching.
2. At the end of the class, I mentioned that the following week I’d be teaching a demo class at Harlem Yoga Studio so if anyone was in NYC, they should stop by. People came up to me with sheer enthusiasm about this prospect. This taught me a very important lesson: my “last class” at school was one of the “first classes” of a lifetime!

A week later, I was hired as a summer sub at Harlem Yoga Studio and given a full teaching schedule. A new shipment of Larabars (I’m an ambassador for that fantastic company) will arrive in July so there will be freebies to fuel the practice like at school. I hope to see some familiar faces, but almost more than that I am thrilled to meet new faces that will soon become familiar as well. And I also just found out that on the summer solstice (June 2oth) in the middle of Times Square, I’ll be assisting a ginormous class giving hands-on adjustments as per the fantastic Ali Cramer’s cue. This, I earnestly believe, is my Summer Dharma.

What’s yours?

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