Give Every Day a Soundtrack: 5 Simple Steps

Pretend your life is a movie. (Stay with me here.) Everything, from what you wear in the morning to the restaurants you choose for dinner with friends, is chosen with intention, precision, and integrity. Now, close your eyes, open your ears, and imagine what music plays in the background for each part of your day to reflect the multiple intentions each day possesses. Done with that silent meditation? Good! Now, open up Spotify, iTunes or whatever playlist-making software you like and let’s get to business!

1. Look at the day ahead. What do you have going on? What is the “theme” of your day? Romance? Love songs. Lots of work? “Hard Day’s Night” and “Long Day” are good ones to choose from.

2. Think of the mood (in Sanskrit, this is called the bhava) you want to cultivate. Happiness? Mellow? Calm? Energized? Productive? Choose music with beats and tempos that match those moods best.

3. Who is in your day? Family? Friends? Lovers? What songs remind you of them?

4. Sequence the toons based on times of day: slower as you wake up, faster as you prepare for the day, even faster as you power through that mid-afternoon slump, and mellow before bed. But you know where your energy lies at different parts of the day best…so follow that!

5. If you’re feeling super savvy, create the playlist on Spotify and power up/pranify (energize) your practice with it for the rest of the day.

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