On Shakti

I don’t remember much from high school science, but I do remember this one concept from 11th grade physics and being utterly entranced by it: the concept of kinetic and potential energy.

Six years later, I am on the R train heading to work. It is 8:27am and I am reading Be Love Now by Ram Dass. Ram Dass writes of Tantra and Shakti. He refers to this powerful force as “the intersection of physical and spiritual energy” (Ram Dass, 97). He called it “food for enlightenment,” as every experience contains material and spiritual components that bring us closer to our most purposeful selves. I am beginning to see Shakti and Potential Energy as one in the same. When I start the day off at 6:45am and roll out my mat to work on my variations of the Ashtanga Primary Series, I cultivate Shakti for the rest of my day, for teaching a bunch of 8th and 9th graders, for interacting with others, and for showing up with the maximum amount of Potential Energy to transform potential into a present reality.

So now I ask you: How are you cultivating your Potential Energy, your Shakti, today?

Happy Monday!

Xo, Shira

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