Inspiration Refuel: Yoga + Writing w/ Kimberly Wilson

20140727-095221-35541473.jpgI am sure I could write an entire novel on my two and a half hours spent at Tranquil Space on Friday evening, at Kimberly Wilson’s Yoga + Writing Workshop. Actually I will use a lot of what I learned at that workshop to write a novel in November, but that’s perhaps besides the point for now.

What I will instead share as the headline of this blog post is one particular highlighted quote that Kimberly shared with us:

You are like a teacup; yours has to be full and overflowing to give to others.

Life, I am learning, is a constant give and receive. When I was in college, finding the balance between the two was like a beautiful dance – give inspiration in my yoga classes just 2-4 times a week and give knowledge through tutoring and teaching kids. Then, during the daytime, I was constantly receiving inspiration and knowledge through the luxury of time, lecture halls and resources college students are afforded…all at their fingertips! I particularly noticed (and realized this on Friday when Kimberly read the above quote) that my cup especially overflowed during my last semester when I had so much…time. Time is one or our most valuable, delicate and most-used resources. Right alongside water, we need it to both replenish and sustain us, regardless of what it is we want to practice or accomplish.

Anyways, my last semester afforded me a lot of this resource. I taught a lot and my classes were better than ever because I had time to nourish my own student (a necessity as a teacher). I swapped out academic courses for yoga teacher trainings as I partially enrolled in my university to just work in my thesis. The quality of my thesis surpassed what I thought was possible because I gave it room to breath…soft edges. I had PROJECTS, and projects in the midst of the “mundane” of everyday life require both giving and receiving and are above all nourishing to the soul.

Now, that I am out of college and working as both a summer school/camp teacher and yoga instructor, this balance has been thrown off course. But the best part of finding balance over and over again – and the worst part about being out of balance in the first place – is that it blindsides us, takes us by surprise. It is just as hard to tell when we are out of balance as it is when we find it again. But yesterday, as I sat first at a mind-blowingly amazing professional development lecture on accelerating programs for youth, and then more so later as I sat on the floor of the “lab” at Tranquil Space, a place I have only read about for three years, I felt like I was receiving for the first time all week (a week of giving and teaching that left me feeling a bit depleted).


As I sat on the meditation cushion, my Tranquility du Jour daybook, journal, idea book and with Kimberly’s workshop worksheet out in front of me, I felt piercingly present. When I am inspired, you see, I am catapulted into the present mOMent. It was a glimpse into understanding Kimberly’s whole way of life, as summarized by the quote she read.

How does she have the time?? I often wonder when reading her blog and the Week in Review posts. But through meeting her in person, I understood; she has time to give (and give so wholeheartedly and such a prepared, professional and darling way) because she takes time for herself. She talked of books she read and retreats she recently went on…and only then did she talk of the books she wrote and retreats she is about to lead. It goes along with another gem she shared with us – if you want to write you have to read.

If you want to teach, you have to be taught. If you want to inspire others, you have to be inspired.

And so the dance continues.


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