Balancing Out the Training

sometimes, ya just can't escape the Yoga (taken at a bar in PDX during our Street Yoga training)

sometimes, ya just can’t escape the Yoga (taken at a bar in PDX during our Street Yoga training)

As is fairly evident on this blog at this point, I spent the past week in the Bay Area with my “yogi partner in crime,” L. L and I coined two terms for ourselves, “yogi partner in crime” being one of them and “balancing out the training” being another. These two terms are related because sometimes, in “balancing out” the plethora of yoga teacher trainings we do together, we feel a bit like yogi criminals as we go clubbing after meditating and before having to wake up at 4:30am ashram-style. Yet we also find that doing so is far from criminal. Rather, it is vital because it takes yoga way off the mat and all the way into real life and the real world where people and situations and art gets messy and fun and jubilant, showing us that there’s more to it than kale chips and down dog, which are really only the path, not the destinations on the way. 

But I digress. 

This post is about revealing the ways in which we have balanced out our many trainings over the years. And hot damn, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way! 

Without further adieu, we’ve balanced out yoga trainings by…

  • dancing at a bar with the corporate team for Honest Tea after Wanderlust Tahoe
  • going to a 90’s club in Portland, OR during our Street Yoga training
  • sipping beer and wine at the Portland, OR vegan pub the Bye and Bye
  • seeing Reckless Kelly and Mickey and the Motorcycles at a country music concert and Pomona County, California and
  • following that up with watching Nashville on Hulu to get our minds off the chakras and how our doshas might not be totally balanced
  • hearing the Rooks live at a bar in the East Village in NYC
  • getting burritos post-Kirtan

Sometimes, we need to balance out all the spiritual with, well, the spirituality that takes place in our day-to-day messy, worldly prakriti-filled lives (I know, I can’t stop the Sanskrit). 

So tell me, when everything gets all yoga-world, how do you bring it into the “outside” world?

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