Reclaiming SF & Bhakti: Courage & Grace Day Three


Today, the theme that Keith wove into our morning practice and that we were expected to weave into the afternoon practice was Bhakti, the Yoga of Devotion. I did a whole Bhakti training at Laughing Lotus NYC, but the bhav (devotional mood) was inherently different in this training. That is because Keith’s voice provided one of my first experiences of Bhakti. 

Two summers ago, I spent a very challenging and uncomfortable summer in San Francisco. My first time in a new city by myself, I was honestly shocked by the transition from having a sheer abundance of friends in school to having only a couple in a city that felt totally foreign to me. One night, feeling particularly lost, I walked into a kirtan at Laughing Lotus with Keith Borden and the Soul Sangha. I was so surprised when Keith’s rendition of the Maha Mantra made my heart swell in a way I did not know was even possible. 

Today, after lunch, Keith welcomed us back to the Shambhala Center with mantra…with that mantra and my heart swelled in that familiar yet breathtaking way and I was reminded of why I teach in the first place: to give the space for the feeling of wholeness that can come as a result of the multitude of practices Yoga encompasses. 

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