Universality & Accessibility: Courage & Grace Day Two

Well, apparently I can be hella skeptical in my uttkatasana...

(apparently, I can be hella skeptical in my uttkatasana…)

Today, Jasmine talked a lot about “finding that one little nugget,” which sets off our internal fire and that the class revolves around. The “one little nugget” that sticks with me from the other leader of this training, Keith Borden, is the idea of being a great teacher via teaching through equivalents. This speaks to the beauty of using metaphor, rather than revealing what the concept itself is. It goes back to the idea of not alienating anyone or preaching and accessibility to all potential practitioners of yoga. This requires a lot more creativity on the part of the teacher (why yoga is an art, but also a science, which was emphasized a lot in training). 

It’s one thing to teach at Laughing Lotus and it is another thing entirely to teach to people who have never practiced yoga before at a dance room at a public school in Queens, NY (my previous Monday) or at a community school garden in Portland, OR (my future). Yet the teachings can be the same, just expressed differently; we never have to name the specificities of the teaching (be it chakras or the Gita or pranayama) because they are universal themes of life. And that is the first little nugget from this gorgeously inspiring training that blew my mind.

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