A New City: Relishing in Quiet

The subway sounds, the screeching of the brakes…it’s all part of the tapestry that creates the soundtrack to our lives.

my practice space

my practice space

In Portland, where I am doing fulfilling work and am happy exploring this new city, which really does have everything I love, I experience subtle forms of homesickness for my birth city. One way that homesickness manifests is in doing yoga class videos from my hOMe studio, Laughing Lotus. I do these yoga videos when I feel out of sorts because the grocery stores feel more like department stores and goodness knows there are hardly department stores let alone grocery stores that look that suburban in Manhattan. And then there is the slow putter of the rain, the absence of a rush and yoga classes with background music sans lyrics.

My teacher (or one of my many amazing ones, anyway) Ali Cramer said it best with her sheer poetry, inserted into an asana cue (she has a way with words that one). It is time to accept a new soundtrack. Rain instead of sirens. Puddles splashing rather than subways screeching. Quiet, then listening.

This is the music of a new city.

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