Ayurveda in the Garden

Last weekend, I completed a School Garden Coordinator Certificate Training with the fabulous organization Growing Gardens (I know, I’m all about these Portland nonprofits nowadays!). In order to receive our certificates, we were each responsible for giving a 3-7 minute presentation on a garden-related subject of our choice. Ever since I started this thing called higher education, I have also been doing various yoga teacher trainings. I am constantly looking for ways to weave the two together, to make it feel less like I am living a double life and more like I am living a complementary one. So, for my final presentation, I did a presentation of Ayurveda in the school garden and how learning about Ayurveda can provide a more holistic way to teach kids about nutrition. But enough preface; I will let the presentation speak for itself in hopes that it can be a resource. (To see theses like a slideshow, simply click on the individual photo to make it full-screen and scroll through!)

Further Resources/Photo Cred


The Six Tastes – Chopra Center

Knowledge is power – enjoy!


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