A Guide to Portland Healers

Welcome to The Guide series of Growing Up on OM. This new monthly column supplements the Link Love column for when the natural ideas aren’t flowing as much. These guides will range from guides to cities to guides of yoga studios to guides of healers of all different sorts (today I will start us on the latter). if there are any guides that you know you would particularly like to see please let me know in the comments!

As you have been made well aware of on this blog, I am healing from a broken leg, an injury I came to by way of trauma. Through years of yoga and attempts to heal from non-physical injuries (breakups, moving, typical woes). One aspect of my injury and healing process that continues to fascinate me is that it happened when I was still new to Portland. As a result, much of my experience of this new city is through the lens of the healing process. I am so grateful for all the people, businesses and institutions I have met along the way. Here is a glimpse.

New Heights Physical Therapy


I can’t say enough positive things about this place so I’ll keep it short. I’ve a lot of time these past few months at this PT practice. Not only is my PT beyond, beyond, beyond amazing (I don’t know what I would do without her), the whole space beams of a welcoming, caring, efficient and intelligent atmosphere. There’s music playing, the reception staff is fantastic and more than anything, I feel like everyone there – especially my PT – wants me to not just get better, but to aggressively get better.

Integrative Trauma Treatment Center


I go here for EMDR therapy and some Reiki on the side, but this center in Northwest Portland in a gorgeous office that looks like it taken straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue, also offers acupuncture and massage.

Unfold Yoga Therapy Studio


When I was on the hospital bed about to go into surgery, my roommates told me that is was a good thing I became affiliated with Unfold when I did…because this studio’s slogan/mantra is “unconditionally welcoming” and that applies wholeheartedly to doing the practice with an injury. It’s been a great way to ease back into the asana practice.

Yoga Shala Acupuncture


I started seeing Fumi at Yoga Shala for acupuncture around my incisions and…wow. Also, the location of Yoga Shala on North Williams in a lovely complex is hard to beat.

Nourish Northwest


When I first stepped into Nourish Northwest, located on 44th and Hawthorne (next to a Kure Juice Bar!), I felt immediately at home and inspired to live my best self. The decor and the staff were just so gentle. They made my heart swell and encouraged me to eat in a way that fuels Strength + an Abundant life.

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