Setting Self-Care Goals

taken at powell's books

taken at powell’s books

There are some people that make one ask, Where did you come from and how did you enter my life at exactly the right time?! My roommate A is one of those people. In all of life’s transitions, we’re confronted with a myriad of choices: where to live, what to do, how to get from point A to point B. There is one choice that is the undercurrent for how we approach all our decision-making: self-care. I’ve often heard that change is the only constant. I would actually argue that change is the only guaranteed constant. Self-care, however, can be a constant that accompanies us – a floating device – in a sea of change.

Self-care is a less obvious choice and we tend to make it or not without even realizing it. This decision is a subconscious and insidious one and its consequences effect everything. That said, there are ways to make a choice in favor of self-care an active decision for the betterment of ourselves and our interactions with others.

So where does my roommate come in, in regards to self-care? Discussions of self-care pepper my home because of her. She has a tradition of setting monthly goals that she follows through on with deliberate intensity. She also talks about self-care, making the implicit explicit. When you live with someone, their habits tend to naturally rub off on you. It is luck and grace when those habits are those of health and wellness.

And why goals? Goals hold us accountable to our wellbeing. Here are my self-care goals for March:

* Meditate.

* Practice yoga and do my physical therapy exercises to break up the day.

* Take lunch breaks at work.

* Journal.

* Cultivate healthy boundaries in my relationships (goes with journaling because writing boundaries down holds us mega accountable).

* Wear a little makeup…make a joyful effort!

Now, please tell me: What are your self-care goals? They can be anything and utterly unique to you!

This post was written at St. Honoree Patisseriein Portland, OR

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