A Perfect New Haven Day

Last week, I spent the first day of my brief return east in New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale and the last four seasons of Gilmore Girls and good pizza (yes, I have my priorities on straight). I was expecting it to be a chill day where I could get work done before heading to Wesleyan to teach oodles of yoga. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by the day’s chill fullness. Here’s my brief 24 hours guide because sometimes I like to imagine that I am (or can be) a New York Times travel writer.

Cedarhurst Cafe

There were three things that drew me to this coffeeshop:

  1. They use medicine/yoga therapy balls as chairs.
  2. They serve kale chips.
  3. It is located directly across the street from Fresh Yoga (see below).

I spent my Wednesday going in and out of Cedarhurst to get my AmeriCorps work done. My barometer for judging cafes usually has to do with how much my work feels like work while I’m there (the less it feels like work, the better). That’s what gives Cedarhurst a high rating in my book. That…and the unofficially free refills (a big thank you to the owner for that!).

Capture Salon Spa

photo via their website

photo via their website

Ever since the whole broken leg fiasco and being in a surgical boot for months on end, my feet have been lusting after a luxury of the past: a pedicure. That said, having still a recovering leg and ankle area, I wasn’t going to trust just anyone with my right foot. This place was the perfect choice (you know you have a good manicurist when they act like a bit like a therapist). The ambiance was lovely and it is located in a historic water production building, making every inch of it look elegant – it was an excellent welcome back to the east coast! I got the whole room to myself for my pedicure and the color that I chose was called yogi toes!

Fresh Yoga

This with another excellent example of why this day was great. I went into this Fresh Yoga class with low expectations. These expectations were irrationally low – I’d heard nothing about the teacher before and I haven’t been to the studio in years. But oh my goodness was this class amazing! While on the schedule it said that it was a beginners to intermediate flow, it definitely aired on the side of intermediate. I grew highly aware that I was back on the East Coast when the person on the mat next to me kept popping up into a handstand whenever she said she said chataranga (it is a coast of overachievers). My face was one big sweaty smile throughout the entire hour. It was exactly what I needed before teaching at Wesleyan. For the first time since I broke my leg I felt capable in my body. Kami’s focus for the class was on loving our bodies as they are. She kept reminding us of that focus in the context of maybe not taking a vinyasa when she offered it. But I, on my mat in the front of the class, took every single one because I was so grateful that I could do it.

Archie Moore’s

Known for the best wings in New Haven, this pub is a staple for Yale graduate students…and N’s coworkers when they go out together. The three best things about this place were definitely the company, the waiter that we had and the fact that they played 90s and 80s hits the whole time.

Well, folks that was my magical Wednesday in New Haven. And if I learned anything from my college experience it is that one of the reasons why Connecticut is so great is because you go in with low expectations and once you get to know the state, they are always exceeded.

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