Living Yoga Practice with Purpose Yogathon


Happy April! Wednesday marked the first day of the Living Yoga Annual Yogathon. While this fundraiser and muse for the yoga practice has been going on for years this is my first year taking part. One of the factors that drew me to Portland was my association of the city with the combination of yoga and social justice and social change. I made this association because I did a Street Yoga teacher training here. And leave it to Portland to have competing yoga service nonprofits! I’ve learned a lot about Living Yoga this year through teaching at Unfold. In desperate need of having some accountability tied to my practice I am thrilled to say that I am participating in the Living Yoga Yogathon  on Unfold’s team you raise money for teaching yoga to survivors of Trauma (more blog posts to come on this!).

In our western fitness society we know about marathons. We know about triathlons. We know about 5K’s and we know about races. What makes a yogathon different is exactly what makes yoga different from all of these other fitness modalities. With yoga, we have the constant opportunity to personalize our practices…to constantly make them our own. With the Yogathon, it’s the same. Unlike a “race for the cure” where a bunch of people raise money for the same distance, with a Yogathon, we all get to set our goals for the month of April (and it’s not too late to do so and to sign up).

Here’s how it’s going to work for me:

For the month of April, I commit to a yoga class a day: teaching and/or taking.

I will blog about my experiences and fundraising achievements here and I will photograph each day of the challenge with the hashtag #practicewithpurpose on Instagram @shirabengel.

I will dedicate every single yoga class I take and teach to Living Yoga. I will ask for your help in doing this by donating to my fundraising page here and by spreading the word. As an AmeriCorps member, I want to emphasize this to all my readers: no donation is too small. If you are reading this, I encourage you to please donate at least a dollar.

Let’s do this. One dollar at a time. One breath at a time.



written from the boca raton resort & spa

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