Alliterative Formula for Weekend Bliss

If there is anything I have learned in the working 40 or more hours a week world it is how to make the most of my weekends. April was a truly crazy work month. Yet I had some of my best weekends to decompress from and refuel for some cray cray weeks. Without even trying, I have come up with a formula for weekend bliss. Let’s call them the four F’s

Friends + Food + Fitness + Flaneur



Spending time with the people that make us smile is vital for our happiness. Study after study, past after past has proven to us that we need community to thrive. Spend time with your friends. Do what they love to do thereby being exposed to even more awesomeness. Introduce them to what you love to do. Share your life with the people you love; it’s almost guaranteed to give you more laughter (necessary for happiness) than just chilling out by yourself.


me and the roomies at the waffle window on hawthorne

me and the roomies at the waffle window on hawthorne

One word: #treatyoself. Okay, maybe that’s three words. Use your weekend to indulge in what makes your body and your taste buds feel good! I’m lucky. I’m blessed with both foodie friends and probably the foodiest city like ever (easy to say when I write this from a patisserie that, if not for the chill American pop music, could be straight out of France). Eat out. Try a new food cart. Bake. Cook something fancy that allows you to take your energy out of your brain and into your hands.



Take a yoga class! Go for a run if that’s your thing! Use the weekend to refuel. That means eating well, hanging out with those who uplift us and it most definitely means moving our bodies! Sometimes, the week can make us feel stale. I can guarantee you (it’s how I feel today after going to YoYoYogi yesterday and the gym the day before) that there are few feelings better on a Monday than a balance and well-used body!


taken by julia during my 1st trip to PDX...some things don't change!

taken by julia during my 1st trip to PDX…some things don’t change!

It was during my sophomore year Anthropology of Cities class that I discovered the concept of the flaneur, written initially, I believe, by theorist Walter Benjamin, and realized in turn that I most certainly was one. In middle school, I discovered my love of walking, of exploring new neighborhoods, of getting lost on busy streets and beaming at the newness one naturally comes across when they let themselves wander. Lately, I’ve been walking in downtown Portland for long swathes of time on my weekends. While some need nature to refuel, I need the feeling of busy streets and urban life.

Have a lovely Monday…and know that Friday (and the other four F’s) will be here soon!


written from St Honore Boulangerie & Patisserie on SE Division St

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