Fave To-Go Food Brands

Here is what I look for when I look for to-go health food brands:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Portable
  • Cute packaging (I judge books by their covers, I just do!)
  • High protein
  • Minimal ingredients

Many of these “qualifications” I’ve cultivated go hand in hand; they are natural byproducts of eating whole foods. However, what I’m including here are whole foods that don’t require any fuss…because they come packaged and are therefore less obviously whole. That’s why I find these finds so special. Here’re the goodies my tummy has been loving lately.

Betsy’s Best Bar None


These are my favorite post-yoga breakfast! I especially love the cinnamon cardamom ones!

Kind Bars


What I love about KIND Healthy Snacks is that they are true to their brand name; they promote kindness on a global level through offering grants and video contests. Insider tip: go for the ones with less than 5g sugar.

Core Defender Oatmeal Meal Bars


Talk about a meal on the go! The minimalism of these ingredients and the protein content make Core Defender Meal Bars a total winner and – I rarely say this – worth their $4 per bar.

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurts

Website image A 8-14-5407839f4ec14

If you can believe it, Siggi’s are actually a creamier version of Greek yogurts!

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