Since Graduating College

A month ago, my alma mater’s class of 2015 graduated. With the photos on Facebook and texts of congratulations I sent to younger friends, my brain and heart couldn’t help but fill with memories of when I stood at the top of the hill and took my diploma from the university president. I remember dancing on said hill for the last time since. I remember crying my eyes out on move-out day.


More than that, though, this graduation that was not my own felt like cause for me to reflect on all that has happened in my first year post-grad.

Since graduating college, I

* traveled to italy *

* worked in nyc for a summer *

* did a courage + grace yoga TT at laughing lotus SF *

* moved to portland *

* drank red wine *

* ate dark chocolate *

* sipped coffee *

* joined americorps *

* took a course on gardening at PSU *

* became a yoga teacher at unfold portland *

* took a yoga + social justice training *

* broke up, got back together + broke up again with an ex *

* got hit by a car *

* regrew my tibia + fibula *

* watched all of friday night lights + the newsroom *

* worked my a$$ off in physical therapy *

* taught yoga again at my alma mater *

* traveled to seattle a few times *

* applied to graduate school *

* got accepted into my dream program *

* continued living life on life’s terms… *

College was an amazing four years. But I don’t believe the rhetoric of “college is the best four years of your life.” No, I believe that college sets us up for many amazing years to come. With all endings come new beginnings, and with all beginnings come opportunities for endless growth and potential.

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