Thank You to the Rainbow Warriors

This time last year, I was privileged to teach yoga on the day of the Gay Pride Parade in New York City. I taught a class at Harlem Yoga Studio to the above pride playlist. Two weeks ago this year, I stood at the waterfront in Portland, Oregon, as I saw people I know – dear friends – march in the parade. My heart swelled in the form of pride. Pride for people who show their pride. Pride for growing up with people who had the courage to celebrate love.

The above playlist feels even more appropriate and salient today, two days after the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage in all 50 states. While this victory is not the be-all and end-all in this constant struggle, what makes my heart swell still is the readiness of so many to CELEBRATE.

You see, my yoga practice is founded on the basis of celebration – a celebration of all bodies, a celebration of love, of feeling love through the body, and on cOMmunity. One of the first new poses that I discovered when I started going to Laughing Lotus – a place that screams pride, was Rainbow Warrior. Everything right now feels blissfully saturated with rainbows. From signs outside coffeeshops to Facebook to the header on right now, rainbows are everywhere! They are a sign that the Rainbow Warriors – those who are fearless in an effort to celebrate love and in just plain human rights – won a small battle that is, unfortunately, one of many. Rainbows signify a celebration of sun after the rain. Let there be more. Feel free to take this playlist into your practice and dedicate it to love because really, that’s what all intentions boil down to anyway.

Love + Pride,

written from dragonfly coffeehouse in portland, or

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