Inaugural Happy College Girl Podcast


College life presents a lot of challenges – maintaining good grades while managing your social life and taking time for self-care doesn’t always feel possible. The demands can feel endless!

Yet it is possible to be successful in school and in life without loosing your sanity – and I share that as someone who did just that!

That’s why I am so excited to extend a special invitation to hear a story of how yoga helped me to keep my sanity, and even to find peace and productivity in college. My hope is that it will help you, or anyone you know who is in college, to do the same. 

Join me on the inaugural episode of The Happy College Girl Podcast!

Sarah Greenberg is a coach for college women to support them as they navigate the demands of college – and life – with ease.

Sarah started The Happy College Girl Podcast to provide college women with practical tools and inspiring wisdom so that you can have peace while accomplishing their goals in school and in life. 

Tune in for my episode, where I talk about my college experience, how yoga helped me deal with the stress and chaos of college, and how college students can incorporate yoga into their own lives.

If you want to be peaceful AND productive in college, then sign up right here to get access to my episode of The Happy College Girl Podcast. Here’s the link again. 

Peace and productivity await you, college girls!

Love + Light,


PS – Sarah Greenberg was one of the yogis featured in Yoga U’s Yogi Valedictorians sections! I love it when these things come full circle!

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