What I’m Loving: TED Talks

Today, I’m doing something on the blog that I rarely do: I’m writing mostly in videos. TED Talks are surprisingly controversial. Many people at my university believed they weren’t “academic” or “critical” enough, that they presented too simplistic a view on specific niches of the world. My alma mater believed this so much (either that or it was out of their admiration of TED) that they made their own variation of talks that were video taped, lasted for a similar amount of time, and fell under a different label, having to do with “thinking big.” But I love TED talks for the exact reason why many people dislike them (I know, that’s an old trope – one person’s trash another’s treasure…). They make large concepts that can be highly intellectual or scientific even very down to earth. And that is awesome! So, below are my favorite TED talks that might perhaps show you how interdisciplinary of a pursuit it is to grow up on OM.

Mark Brackett: Educating the Whole Child (And Adult) With Emotional Literacy

As part of my new position, I get to learn directly from the research of Mark Brackett, a scholar on social-emotional learning, otherwise known as the missing link in education. This TED talk breaks down the vitality of SEL, and why teaching kindness and proper use of emotional capabilities is vital for success.

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

This is an oldie, but most definitely a goodie.

Molly Barker: The Seen and the Unseen

Reconnect to what it is like to be 10 again with this TED talk by the founder of the amazing organization Girls on the Run.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche: We Are All Feminists

After reading Americanah, I became obsessed with this phenomenal author. Recently, at a diversity committee meeting, I was asked why I identified as a feminist (we were doing a hokey self-identifier activity). My answer was, “Why wouldn’t I?” Granted, this wasn’t my most articulate answer, but this TED talk brings me back to the deep simplicity and rightness that question brings up.

Christopher Emdin: Teachers Create Magic

I saw this guy speak in person last night and my. mind. is. BLOWN. It just keeps getting better and better when it comes to my upcoming graduate career accompanied by all that’s available as a TED talk already.

written from o cafe in the west village

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