August + September Link Love

view from one of my first runs back (central park reservoir)

view from one of my first runs back (central park reservoir)

Introduction to the monthly Link Love column: One of my favorite blogs (and a total blogger role model of mine) is Gala Darling. Every month, Gala Darling publishes a link roundup in a narrative form of what she’s been reading. Lounging in bed on lazy Friday mornings (when I was in college) or Sunday mornings (now that I’m a working lady), I open up the links Gala posts like presents on Chanukah evenings. I want to create a similar experience for my readers…with the added bonus of documenting these reading gems so I no longer have 17 tabs open on Google Chrome. So, without further adieu, thank you Gala for the inspiration. Here is a delightful (Central Park) link carousel of my own.

August and September were possibly the busiest months of my adult life. I always hesitate identifying a “busiest month,” because I tend to (pathologically?) make myself busy most of the time. But objectively, moving back across the country + finishing a year-long AmeriCorps service + moving to my first apartment in NYC as a grownup + starting a new job = WHOA.

Anyways, because of all that, I’m combining these two Link Love columns into one. The more aggregated media the better, right? Doesn’t everyone say that?

I have the yoga teacher training bug…again. #consistentstudentship #lotuslove

Maybe, it’s just a deep desire for more consistent studentship. One day, I will take one of Kimberly Wilson’s e-courses.

NPR publishes a list of 100 swoon-worthy romances. And, NYPL publishes a list of the best New York books, in order of neighborhood.

It’s back-to-school season! And I’m going back as a third grade teacher. I found some great tips online for how to prepare over the summer.

GOOD magazine features Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) as the awesome yogi that fights to change the “typical” yoga body.

Happy back to school season! My stepmom recommended this article for chic n cheap ways to revamp the classroom (via BuzzFeed).

On the more intellectual side of B2S season, here’s a book review of The Prize by Dale Russakoff.

Here are 16 healthy + yummy snacks for running.

Glamour reveals 15 mind-blowing facts about Pixar’s Inside Out.

I. Am. Obsessed. With. This. Lady. #feelthebern (in the form of Symone Sanders!). Oh, and here’s the Brooklyn story behind this candidate.

Well & Good provides readers with 5 observations about fitness + body image from the wonderful Lena Dunham looking fierce in her running gear! On a different note from the same site, I am super pumped that the half-bun hair do is back in style!

The New Yorker has some gorgeous advice for young writers.

The Chalkboard provides 8 healthy living podcasts.

After the Columbia Teachers College lecture I went to last night, I am obsessed…simply obsessed with Dr. Christopher Emdin, a professor of the intersection of hip hop + science. Oh, and man’s got swag! #HipHopEd

My dear friend Katie co-started this blog on what it’s like to deal with chronic health conditions in her twenties, a time the general public associates with “perfect health” and being “at our prime,” or whatever that means. This blog is a beautiful retelling, and a space for identification.

Brene Brown is just simply awesome.

Just…read this NYT Modern Love column.

In “The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover,” the NYT reiterates a deeply true fact: it is better to invest in improving existing school systems than to make new ones.

Via an Opinionator article by David Borenstein, we need the heart and smarts to teach kids about their emotions!

A scene from Friends got deleted after 9/11, but you can watch it here.

I miss the Class of 2025 (OPB) so freaking much. Speaking of, you must, must, must watch this Graduation Rate slide show / animation featuring my beloved Bulldogs!

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