What I’m Listening To

I spend a lot of time on this blog sharing what I’m reading: links, articles, books, etc. I rarely reveal that a lot of the media I consume (and if you’ve seen my Twitter, you know I love – and am proud of – consciously consuming media!) is through my Urban Ears headphones. This year in particular, through having a commute to work that is half-walking and desperately wanting to enjoy that time, I have taken all my friends up on their podcasts suggestions to the point where I now always have something to listen to. So, without further adieu, here’s what’s been playing in my ears:

Tranquility Du Jour

This is definitely the podcast I’ve been listening to the longest. I believe I discovered it during the summer I spent in San Francisco. I walked the streets of the Mission listening to every single missed episode (and I believe Wilson was on episode 77 at that point). I’ve listened to some twice and adore the early ones. I highly recommend this fueling every single commute!

Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race

My friend K recommended I listen to this podcast. She was an American Studies major at our alma mater with a focus on education and race relations. I think that one of the core reasons I listen to podcasts is because I want to be able to continue learning in that vibrant, theoretical, big-words and relevant way outside the classroom. The Ph. D’s, authors, and all around cool speakers on this podcasts talk about that which is relevant in race relations and it’s just awesome.

This American Life

I grew up listening to my dad listening to This American Life while he cooked. I grew up with all the adults in my life referencing the latest episodes during dinner party conversations. Well, folks, it looks like I’m an adult(ish) now because I find myself doing the same thing. My favorite episode, which I cried to as I walked from Northwest Portland to a writing class one day this summer? This one on discipline in schools.

Writing in Real Life (WiRL)

My high school writing mentor and her hubby started this podcast because they’re coupling is the cutest thing ever when it comes to writing and literature: they’re both YA authors and she’s also a social media expert in the publishing world…at the publishing company that published his books. You know how it goes…first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage, and THEN comes podcast!

On Being (Speaking of Faith) with Krista Tippet

Another NPR fave of my father’s, Krista Tippet broadens the definition of spirituality by interviewing physicists, rabbis, priests, poets and more. Her voice is calming and questions intellectually stimulating. My favorite episode? Mary Oliver, of course!

Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham


This podcast just came out about a week ago and I am LOVING it. I began, like most have, as a fan of GIRLS. I can now say that I understand why I love GIRLS: I just totally adore Lena and find her perspective on so many key issues of womanhood to be so refreshing. But this podcast is most definitely not only her perspective. Many people who only know Lena through GIRLS call her narcissistic (I mean, Hannah, her character, is), but this podcast shows that she is anything but. She interviews a comprehensive bunch of women from all walks of the media. It is this effort to listen to a wide range of perspectives that I appreciate most during my morning Harlem coffee runs.

Alright, folks, happy listening / commuting / doing dishes / bragging to your friends about how much new random knowledge you have thanks to podcasts!



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