Last-Minute Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas Eve. You got gifts for almost everyone on your list, but there are those lingering few that just got lost in the buzz of this glorious holiday season. December has a way, after all, of catching us off-guard. I’m here to help! Over my five-plus years of teaching yoga, I’ve developed some offerings that make excellent last-minute gifts (i.e. they can be purchased with a maximum of 3 clicks or 1 email and arrive immediately). Here ya go:

Last-Minute Gift Idea #1

Yoga U: The College Student’s Tools for Balanced Living

5070474-1.pngPurchase the e-book Yoga U: The College Student’s Tools for Balanced Living from Purchase instructions are on the website and the book is available for download. Or, shoot me an email, we’ll figure out the PayPal, and I’ll personally email the pdf of the book to a loved one with a holiday note that you can personalize! Want a taste of the book before you purchase? Download the introduction FREE by scrolling to the end of the homepage. The book itself costs $9.99.

Last-Minute Gift Idea #2: YOGA PRIVATESScreen Shot 2015-12-24 at 11.40.56 AM.png

On my website,, I have three very different, equally educational, and variably-priced private yoga offerings. They range in price from $35 to $75. But for the holidays, I am offering a bonus offering: a personalized yoga class for a group of people. I began offering this a few years ago and what I learned from that experience is that it made a great gift for roommates! I would come over to your apartment, bring some extra props and voila, a yoga class brought to your home. The cost of that offering is $75 for up to six people to join in on the fun (less than your average yoga class / person in NYC). If you want in on any of these offerings, email me at

Alright, the selling is done. Have a very, very merry Christmas, celebrating or not, eating Chinese food and going to see the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie or just chilling out and reading a novel. Bottom line: do something relaxing today. December leading up to this point is crazy enough. Now, it’s time to CTFO.


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