Happy Holidays from Growing Up On OM




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‘Tis the Season

to set intentions

Your intention is the energy, the electric charge, the awareness you bring to every aspect of your life.  It’s the force that  lies behind everything you do, the fuel for your fire. Setting your intention is a bit like offering up an invocation to the universe.  You place your desire out in the world, as an energized thought, a pregnant idea, an open prayer. – Sera Beak from The Red Book

There are so many proper nouns (sorry, that’s what third graders I teach are studying) that follow the word “Happy” this time of year. Happy Hanukkah (belated), Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Christmas (so soon!), and Happy New Year (I am sure there are plenty I’ve yet to include). After having a broken leg this time of year last year [insert link] I’ve been partaking in this holiday season with extra enthusiasm this year: buying a Christmas tree, helping my family host their annual Hanukkah party, attending a holiday-themed live blues class at Laughing Lotus, baking granola for my coworkers, already having my outfit planned for New Years Eve (post-the Harlem Yoga Studio 108 sun salutations extravaganza), etc. And I love every minute of it because let’s be real: ’tis the season to set the intention for HAPPINESS. The beauty of this season is that we say “Happy” to so many things, happiness being broad enough to encompass a wide range of intentions. For 2016, I’m going to keep my intention broad: happiness, but when cultivating your intention, maybe look for the specifics, the nuances in the broadness of resolutions and goals that this season spews out. Make it manageable. Make it fun.




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