Marvelous Monday


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Yes, I know that is not an alliteration we hear often. But yesterday, my Monday was, quite simply, marvelous. As I walked up the hill to work this morning, I contemplated how happy the simple things can make us. I also contemplated – as I usually do before writing a blog post – what readers would get out of reading about the little things that I enjoy. I was filled with doubt; why should it matter what I did on a Monday night to readers of this blog? And then I thought of what I admire most about the blogs I read: the insights into the everyday. Increasing our own exposure to different habits that work for other people can shine a strong light on the habits that might work for us. So here you go: my Monday night, and I hope that you get something outta this!


I’d been to one SoulCycle class before, and I think it just wasn’t with the teacher I needed to get hooked. While I am afraid of becoming an Upper West Side cliche, I think I kind of loved it. I was grinning ear-to-ear the whole time while the instructor, Elianna, led an amazing 45-minute class that left me hitting the pillow so hard. Also, the W92 SoulCycle staff is absolutely lovely; they made me feel so competent when it was only my second time and on the studio’s dime.


After SoulCycle I trained over to Sweetgreen Columbia before class and got the most delicious Kale Caesar (I have endless appreciation for quality ingredients and cohesive branding – something that SoulCycle and Sweetgreen have in common).

Grad School

My grad school class last night blew. my. mind. We learned about literacy and how people learn to read in the most effective ways. These are things that I am so endlessly interested by. It feels amazing to sit up, alert and ready, in a class full of intelligent people.

There’s a great satisfaction in knowing that we’ve made good use of our days, that we’ve lived up to our expectations of ourselves.
Gretchen Rubin, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

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