Friday-ING Week of March 1

From last week’s column: About a year ago, I attempted to do a monthly “Link Love” column on the blog. It worked for a while until it got a bit too daunting. Instead, I am moving to a weekly format at Growing Up On OM to share all that I am readING, writING, listenING to, watchING, and teachING. It is my hope that this will help me document these things not only for my own reference, but as a source for constant entertainment and inspiration for all the readers of the blog. So here goes: my second FridayING post. Enjoy!



  • The Romemu Now Podcast for some spiritual juice this morning.
  • Indigo Girls


  • GIRLS (So, so good! I am beyond happy that it is back on!)


  • It’s chakra / energy wheels month at Harlem Yoga Studio and I’ve been joyfully prepping for my yoga class at 5:45pm tomorrow on the first and seventh chakras!
  • Penguins via Scholastic News + global warming.



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