15 Minutes a Day

This post is part of the EuroTrip 2016 series, as well as the forthcoming Home Practice series on the blog! 

 Cheers from the train from London to Edinburgh! It has been quite a week since I last posted on the blog – I started spring break, made it to another part of the world, and thoroughly explored London on foot. I’m now en route to visit my sister where she is studying abroad in Scotland. These moments on the train feel more than welcome to sit back, relax, and reflect.

All of that said, this blog post isn’t even about something that is specific to my trip! I often find that, especially when it concerns the yoga practice, Jo said it best in Little Women, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I knew going into this trip that my priority when abroad would not be to check out all the yoga studios in the UK. No, my priority was to see the sights and experience a rich cultural history. Even so, I didn’t want my practice to fall by the wayside as a result. So, whenever I felt inclined to practice (note: this worked best in the morning), I set my iPhone timer for 15 minutes and began with some sun salutations.  

 Over tea at Yumchaa in Camden, my bf and I discussed exercise and self-care and how hard the two can be when work feels crazy and dominates our waking hours. Inspired by my 15 minutes of yoga practice that morning, I told him that we need to let go of extremes when it comes to “fitting things in.” Extremes lead to feelings of failure. Feelings of failure lead to discouragement. When it comes to treating our bodies well, we need encouragement, fluidity, and the knowledge that a little goes a long way.

So on this trip, I am witnessing the ways that 15 minutes, when done repeatedly, encourages creativity and consistency: core parts of a home practice – especially a portable one. A timer set to 15 minutes acts as a boundary, a container, that I fill with the creativity, art, metaphor and rigor of the body. And when traveling a humongous city on foot, 15 minutes goes a long way to reset the body-mind.

Most importantly: it is yoga that can be done wherever, whenever. All we need to do is begin.

This summer, I will be releasing a DIY Home Practice E-Course. If you feel inspired by this post, I can guarantee that this e-course is for you. Sign up for email updates on the homepage of my teaching website, ShiraEngel.com!

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