Yoga U.K.

This post is part of my EuroTrip 2016 series on the blog.

While in my 15 Minutes a Day post, I made clear that I did not go to Europe to do yoga (that’s what my Laughing Lotus unlimited membership in NYC is for), I did have to try the best yoga studio in each of the cities I stayed. Because duh. Because, when I first walked to the flat we were staying in in London, I saw that TriYoga was right across the street (like, a 30-second walk away). And I don’t believe in coincidences.

So here you have it, readers. Some mini-reviews of the yoga hot spots of two U.K. cities.

Meadowlark Yoga

Edinburgh, Scotland 


  • Location: 43 Argyle Place
  • About / From Website: “Meadowlark is so named because of its location at the Southern border of the Meadows, in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. As a concept, our community is built around the pursuit of health through Yoga, mindful eating, sensible therapeutic interventions, and going outdoors for enjoyment. Meadowlark is set up as a not-for-profit organisation, so we invest everything in the gradual improvement of our infrastructure and people in order to provide the highest standards to our clients and fellow practitioners.”
  • Teacher Who Taught: Nadine Watton
  • Class Taken: Gentle Vinyasa
  • Observations: Everyone was lovely. The teacher was extremely warm. The class filled up quickly. The gentleness of it all (as is part of the class title) mirrored the pace of the city.

TriYoga Camden

London, England 


  • Location: 57 Jamestown Road
  • About / From Website: “triyoga offers you a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can belong. Start or deepen your yoga practice here, learn about cutting edge personal development, yoga philosophy and meditation, or take Pilates mat + equipment classes. In addition, we have an amazing range of treatments with the best therapists. Whatever you choose, it takes place in beautiful studios or treatment rooms. We have designed an environment, class schedule and treatments schedule to nurture the health of every individual: men and women, babies, kids and teens, through to seniors – everyone triyoga!”
  • Teacher Who Taught: Eileen Gauthier
  • Class Taken: Mysore Ashtanga
  • Observations: It was very easy to just stroll on in and take class. The teacher gave the most adjustments I’d ever received in Mysore (a primarily independent practice). I am not sure, seeing as I only took one class there, but the studio does seem to specialize in Ashtanga. The studio itself was absolutely gigantic – very much so the Pure Yoga type. The locker rooms were beautiful, as were all the spaces in general. Definitely gets a lot of clientele.

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