10 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Under $10

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy belated Galentine’s Day! Happy Day of Revolutionary Love! With so much to celebrate involving one of my absolute favorite words – love – I started thinking about one of the goals of this blog: assisting millennials in practicing self-love in small, manageable and consistent ways so that they – we – can better serve the world we live in. This February 14th, I want to share 10 ways to practice self-love for under $10. Too often, the rhetoric of self-love overlaps with the rhetoric of advertising – getting us to be part of a “self-love” consumer base that makes us forget that self-love is something that is a right, not a privilege that should cause us to break the bank. Here are some inexpensive strategies for practicing self-love…

  1. Do a themed home yoga practice. This morning, I re-discovered a playlist I made for Valentine’s Day from back when I taught yoga consistently (you can find it here). At 5:40am, I lit three candles in my yoga room, turned the music on, and folded myself into a child’s pose. Starting my day off with yoga was definitely a lovely way to start the day off with self-love. To find out how to do a home practice of your own that is both safe and sustainable, check out my e-course here.
  2. Treat yourself to a fun coffee beverageMake it something you don’t get everyday. Make it a treat and allow it to infuse your morning with the feeling of specialness.
  3. Meditate. 
  4. Write a gratitude list.
  5. Get a change of polishThese often cost less than $10 (way less than a manicure, but for a similar effect).
  6.  Buy a new book for pleasure.
  7. Purchase a magazine and read it in bed!
  8. Get a mindful coloring book (or download mindful coloring pages off the interwebs) and get to it!
  9. Put on a face mask!
  10. Catch up on blogs.

Enjoy the day! And comment: how are you practicing self-love this February 14th?

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