In My Bag


Earlier this year, I took advantage of a Kate Spade Surprise Sale and bought this tote for 75 percent off. I am deeply obsessed with it, and feel instantly more put-together throwing it over my shoulder. I love that it zips up (though it takes an effort to pare down what I carry enough to allow it to zip). I love that it has a hook for my carabiner clip to strap my (also Kate Spade – what have I become?!) water bottle onto. What I love about it is that, unlike my backpack or my former lower-quality totes that opened in every direction, it forces me to be intentional about what I carry. While I am writing my first “in my bag” post – I love reading these on other blogs! – I know that all these things are purely symbolic. I believe in Tim O’Brien’s words and the idea that we carry so much baggage with us every day. More than that, everything we hold – including the good – is symbolic of aspects of ourself. So, here’s what’s in my bag on a typical day:

MqGZWCWTTRYMR5a5.jpgiPhone: I spend a lot of time on my iPhone. From the WordPress app to Snapchat to Pinterest, so much of my social and work lives intersect on this device.

imgres.jpgRXBAR + Gum + Tea: I am super prone to being hangry. Carrying a snack on me at all times is so, so necessary for my personal well-being. Gum also wakes me up in the afternoon when I’m a bit sleepy. As does Fortnum + Mason’s Smoky Earl Grey Tea.

sweaty betty 240.jpgYoga Clothes: I usually go from work to yoga so my yoga clothes typically include Sweaty Betty pants, a sports bra, and a Laughing Lotus tank.

lilly-pulitzer-agenda-stickers-2.jpgLily Pulitzer Planner + Planner Stickers: I am obsessed with my Lily Pulitzer planner that I bought at the beginning of this school year. It has a spot for planning my vacations, taking notes, monthly calendars, and the day-to-day. I also bought a pack of cute planner stickers from Paper Source that I love to decorate the interior of this beautiful planner with. When super busy, documenting the cluttered days in a stylish way helps.

UV.pngBeats by Dre Headphones: I bought these with my holiday bonus from work after really feeling ambivalent about spending so much money on headphones, but my purple beats make my day every day, and I get so much use out of their wireless capabilities when I’m cleaning my apartment or stowing my phone away at work.

imgres.pngKate Spade Wallet: I got this at Second Time Around and was thrilled to finally find a wallet that carries all my cards!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.44.37 PM.pngKindle Paperwhite: I used to have a Kindle Fire, but I switched to a Paperwhite because I wanted to feel like a reader of books more than a user of a tablet. I love how user-friendly and designed-with-readers-in-mind it is!

Sparkly Water Bottle: Enough said.

Tinted Lip Balm: I use Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm and Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer to both rejuvenate and color throughout the day.

Grad School Folder: I carry around a Poppin folder with just the readings I want to get done in a day. In an effort to not overwhelm myself, I put them in here and then transfer them to a binder after the class in which we discuss them.

image.jpgMoleskine Notebook: I have a large squared Moleskine notebook to record my thoughts, journal, and sketch out ideas.

What do you carry in your bag?



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