Summer Yoga Teaching: June


Post originally written on June 8.

I am so thrilled to announce that starting this week (not coincidentally my last week of teaching elementary school), I will return to teaching yoga. I am overjoyed for the encouragement and reminder of all that yoga does for me – a reminder that is made stronger when passed on to others through teaching. One of my teachers, Sheri Celantano, has a saying: “We teach for ourselves. We practice for our students.” That quote is a reminder of the kind of yoga teacher I want to be — one that uses a strong and fruitful practice to fuel empowering teaching. Continue reading for my teaching schedule this month, as well as the pertinent themes I plan to focus my teaching around.

June Yoga Schedule

Wednesday 6/7 5:45pm (60 min) Community Class at Harlem Yoga Studio

Thursday 6/8 7:45pm (60 min) OmPower Flow at One Yoga for All

Saturday, 6/10  9am (60 min) Vinyasa at Harlem Yoga Studio

Thursday, 6/15 7:45pm (60 min) OmPower Flow at One Yoga for All

Thursday, 6/29 7:45pm (60 min) OmPower Flow at One Yoga for All

Friday, 6/30 10:45am (75 min) Yoga Open Level at Harlem Yoga Studio

The theme at Harlem Yoga Studio for June is Second Chakra: svadhistana. I love, love, love a good chakra focus. The theme at One Yoga for All for the month is “Root Down to Lift Up.” So – you guessed it! (maybe?) – I will be basing my classes on the teachings of the first two chakras. For inspiration this first week, I’m using the teachings of Anodea Judith, chakra expert extraordinaire.

As we enter the second chakra, we encounter the watery realm of emotions. Where we hae worked for grounding and stability in the first chakra, we now cultivate feelings and movement. Our associated element has shifted from earth to water, from solid to liquid. In this transmutation we encounter change. Through consistency, consciousness finds meaning; through change, it finds stimulation and expansion.

To find consistency within change is to embrace the unfolding flow. Only by moving does our consciousness expand, and only through change is our consciousness stimulated. Movement and change stimulate awakening.

  • Anodea Judith, Eastern Body Western Mind

To close my classes, I’m using a poem that, to me, teaches the true meaning of presence by the Sufi poet Rumi.




standing on two logs in a river

might do all right floating with the current

while humming in the



if one log is tied to a camel,

who is also heading south along the bank–at the same pace–

all could still be well

with the


unless the camel

thinks he forgot something, and

abruptly turns upstream,



Most minds

do not live in the present

and can stick to a reasonable plan; most minds abruptly turn

and undermine the




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