Hello, my name is Shira and I am growing up. I live in New York City – both in an apartment in Harlem that comes with a yoga room (yay!) and I also tend to joke that I have a downtown abode at Laughing Lotus as well. My obsessions consist of yoga, education, and writing. I’m passionate about wellness while living a full life.

I’ve been writing about yoga since I huddled in the back of The Yoga Collective with a journal and a pen during my first teacher training in 2011. Now, I am happily avoiding a quarter-life crisis through consistent practice and staying on this beautiful path. I believe that yoga, wellness, and related practices should be accessible to all and available in the spaces where people already are – schools, gyms, cOMmunity centers, and homes. I started this blog because I wanted to continue this journey of growing up with those priorities in mind. I’ve since discovered that the disciplines of writing, teaching, and yoga allow me to thrive as an integrated individual.


My Story

I began yoga as an angsty senior in high school. With college on the brain, I started a work-study position at a very famous, very posh yoga studio on the Upper East Side of New York. Little did I know the education I would receive from the master teachers this studio brought in from all over the world. One day, I came late for a hot yoga class and stumbled into a class with Alanna Kaivalya instead; that was the moment that I saw yoga as a Path for transformation and transitioning through life gracefully.

Fast forward two years: as a sophomore at Wesleyan University, I co-founded a campus organization, WesBAM! Wesleyan Body and Mind that put what I learned into practice. I did a yoga teacher training with Three Sisters Yoga and got seriously addicted to trainings (much like my coffee addiction) that propelled me into doing kids yoga and trauma-sensitive yoga trainings with OmSchooled and Street Yoga. I just graduated from college and am currently finishing up my advanced teacher training with the beloved Laughing Lotus.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.49.08 AM

The above is a text I received last night from my best friend from high school. The answer to her semi-question is that I just can’t. I can’t be bored. Keep Moving is a mantra that keeps everything fresh for this kapha-pitta (I recently did an Ayurveda training so doshas are on the mind). My intention is to keep growing, to keep learning, to expand through writing and doing, doing and writing. I am a Scorpio and highly obsessive so this blog is a space to flaunt my obsessions fabulously so that I can share them with you all!

On that note…


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