June Link Love: Presidential Possibilities, Privates + Practical Self-Care

Introduction to the monthly Link Love column: One of my favorite blogs (and a total blogger role model of mine) is Gala Darling. Every month, Gala Darling publishes a link roundup in a narrative form of what she’s been reading. Lounging in bed on lazy Friday mornings (when I was in college) or Sunday mornings (now that I’m a working lady), I open up the links Gala posts like presents on Chanukah evenings. I want to create a similar experience for my readers…with the added bonus of documenting these reading gems so I no longer have 17 tabs open on Google Chrome. So, without further adieu, thank you Gala for the inspiration. Here is a delightful (Central Park) link carousel of my own.


June was filled with early mornings and late nights out and about. I filled myself up this month with smoothies, heaps of yoga at YoYoYogi in Northwest Portland, time with friends and long walks in this sweltering heat Portland’s been getting. I started a fiction-writing class at The Attic Institute and returned to my NaNoWriMo novel. As a result, this Link Love is shorter than usual…because I’ve also been busy writing and doing the things we write about in the first place. Enjoy!

Gala Darling shares these really amazing, tangible, and do-it-now goal-setting tips she learned from her dad.

HerCampus shares 15 things you should know how to do before you turn 25 (I’d say I have a year and a half and 10 things on that list left to do!).

A dear student of mine is profiled in SONIMA, on how is brain injury led him to his truest self. It is vital to remember that we all come to the mat for different reasons, some of them critical and chronic and deep experiences of healing and expansion of life.

I just don’t know who to vote for in the primary! In an effort to show that I haven’t been basing my personal political preferences on binge-watching The West Wing, I’ve done some research on Bernie and Hillary Clinton’s 20-something campaign workers had just as hard a time as I did finding an affordable apartment in New York. Here’s Hillary Clinton on the issues…and here’s Bernie Sanders. (#conflicted)

This month, I discovered the amazing-ness of Tommy Rosen and his thoughts on recovery.

My own personal authorial guru on most things, Meg Cabot, shares 12 ways to improve your love life and if I’m going to take advice on any of that from anyone, it’d be from her.

Well + Good shares low-sugar cocktail recipes!

Watch Obama’s eulogy. Let the feelings flow through you.

The Examiner profiles Heather Shrock on the intersection of nutrition and mental health – a necessary and innovative examination.

I am so excited to check out these bar specials near Columbia when I move to the area!

Apparently, the right dose of exercise for a longer life will surprise us.

The Abundant Yogi has some great teachings on lifestyle design!

Teachasana helped me out big time this month by sharing pricing strategies for yoga privates.

A nutritionist from The Chalkboard shares her thoughts and concrete tips on self-care. There are some serious gems in this piece:

Self-care is prioritizing and engaging in things that help us function well in our lives; things that make us feel balanced and allow us meet the inevitable stressors of daily life with energy and (ideally) perspective.

Self-care is not just the occasional pedicure or afterwork cocktail. It’s about identifying your own needs and building a repertoire of habits that make you feel grounded and like your best self.

For more super concrete (can you tell how much I love the practical?!) tips from The Chalkboard, check out this Ayurveda article on balancing Kapha. Proud to be drinking a cardamom latte while reading this one!

written from my bed